TOT Total
STD Straddle
R1 Raise 1st
ISO Isolate
F3 / F3B Fold to 3bet
FS / FSR Fold to Squeeze asRaiser
FSC Fold to Squeeze asCaller
3B / C3B 3bet / Call3bet
4B / C4B 4bet / Call4bet
5B / C5B 5bet / Call5bet
FS Fold vs Steal
LP Limp
LF Limp/Fold
LC Limp/Call
LR Limp/Raise
SQ Squeeze
SF Squeeze/Fold
CC ColdCall
PFR-IP / OOP Preflop Raiser in IP / OOP
C3B-IP / OOP Preflop Call3bet in IP / OOP
CLR-IP / OOP Preflop Caller in IP / OOP
3BP-IP / OOP 3bet Pot in IP / OOP
PvP Position vs Position
MWR / MWC MultiWay Pot asRaiser / asCaller
S-HU / S-MW Squeeze Pot asRaiser HU / MultiWay
S-C Squeeze Pot asCaller
4BP asR 4bet Pot asRaiser
5BP asC 5bet Pot asCaller
LCP LimpCall Pot
CLP Call Limp
CHK Check
CPL Complete
ISO Isolate Limp
FO / FCB Fold to Cbet or Bet
RA Raise
RA+B Raise and Bet
XR CheckRaise
XR+B CheckRaise and Bet
WR Win Raise
XF Check/Fold
FL Float=Bet vs Missed Cbet
DO Donk
CB Cbet
C/F Cbet/Fold
C/3 Cbet/3bet
XBF CheckBehind Fold
XBF+F CheckBehind Fold and Fold
FD Fold vs Donk
RD Raise vs Donk
CC3BP ColdCall3bet Pot
CD4BP Cold4bet Pot = Open4bet Pot


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